Richard M. Nixon presenting the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Duke Ellington

Pictured: Duke Ellington, Richard M. Nixon. Subject: Entertainers.

Richard M. Nixon in Motorcade during the 1968 Presidential Campaign

Pictured: Richard M. Nixon, Pat Nixon. Subject: Campaign – 1968.

Richard M. Nixon campaign 1968

Pictured: Richard M. Nixon. Subject: Campaign – 1968.

President Nixon throwing out the first ball on opening day of the 1969 baseball season between the Washington Senators and the New York Yankees

Pictured: Ted Williams, manager of the Washington Senators, President Nixon, , manager…

President Richard Nixon and Mrs. Nixon Waving from the Presidential Limousine in the Inaugural Motorcade

Pictured: Richard M. Nixon, Thelma Ryan («Pat») Nixon. Subject: Inauguration – 1969.

Vice-President elect Agnew takes the oath of office

Pictured: Lyndon Baines Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, Everett Dirksen, ?, Spiro T.…

First meeting of the President’s National Security Council

Subject: National Security Council Meetings.

First Meeting of President Richard Nixon’s First Term Cabinet in the White House Cabinet Room

Pictured in the White House Cabinet Room: President Nixon, Melvin R. Laird,…
White House Tape

White House Tape – 2.2.1972 – 10:05 am

TRANSCRIPT: NIXON: And we thoroughly intend to do so. The main thing we…