Event Recap:  Charlie and Ling Zhang

Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival

This week we welcomed Orange County Music and Dance to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Harvest Festival, one of the most important traditions of China’s past – the celebration dates to the Shang Dynasty in 1600 BC. The event was attended by over 600 people who gathered for the outdoor reunion of friends and families under the moon, before moving to the beautiful replica White House East Room to enjoy the performance.
The event was generously hosted by Charlie and Ling Zhang. Charlie is the the founder of the successful fast-casual restaurant, Pick Up Stix. An immigrant from China, Zhang often declares, “No Nixon, No Charlie,” crediting President Nixon’s historic visit to China in 1972 as the catalyst to his journey to the United States. Guests received signed copies of Zhang’s book, The Power of One Moment: From Farmer to Philanthropist, which includes a chapter titled with Charlie’s favorite slogan about President Nixon.

OC Music & Dance is a community performing arts school that offers music lessons and dance classes to students throughout Orange County.

See photos from the event below: